A Mighty Fortress

A Mighty FortressTitle: A Mighty Fortress
Short Story Title: The Tunnel
Series: Mormon Steampunk #4
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: February 2020
Authors: Michaelbrent Collings, Bryce Beatty, Berin Stephens, Elizabeth Mueller, Roy Hayward, Jenna Eatough, Kevin Folkman, James Pyles, Nate Givens, Carl Duzett, Lee Allred, Justin Riley, John D. Payne, Sean Smith, Christopher McAfee, Jay Barnson, David J. West
Editors: Holli Anderson
ASIN: B0844MVZ94
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In this fourth installment of the incredible Mormon Steampunk series by Immortal Works Press you’ll find seventeen different tales spun by seventeen different authors, having only “steampunk” and “Mormon” in common. Tales of semi-sentient temples that walk and fly, a missionary’s unfortunate encounter with hostile natives whose mechanical knowledge far exceeds his own, a hidden treasure trove and a kidnapped girl saved by Porter Rockwell, a magical trip back in time to an airship-seized Zarahemla, a giant lake monster attacking the machinery keeping a Mormon settlement afloat, and many equally amazing stories.

This anthology includes stories by award winning, bestselling, and premier authors—Michaelbrent Collings, Bryce Beatty, Berin Stephens, Elizabeth Mueller, Roy Hayward, Jenna Eatough, Kevin Folkman, James Pyles, Nate Givens, Carl Duzett, Lee Allred, Justin Riley, John D. Payne, Sean Smith, Christopher McAfee, Jay Barnson, and David J. West.
Edited by Holli Anderson

The Tunnel: Rumors around London in the late 1800s tell of Mormons kidnapping young women and transporting them via a giant tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the land of Deseret. When journalist Ellie White's best friend vanishes shortly after joining their church, Ellie launches an investigation to discover the truth behind the rumors.

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Storyhack Issue 1

Title: Storyhack Issue 1
Short Story Title: Retrieving Abe
Published by: Baby Katie Media
Release Date: September 2017
Authors: Jay Barnson, Michael DeCarolis, Kevyn Winkless, John M Olsen, Julie Frost, Jon Del Arroz, David Skinner, Gene Moyers, Mike Adamson, David J West
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New Rules for Rocket Nauts by Michael DeCarolis. A recently dismissed recruit watches in horror as an alien race betrays and massacres his former classmates. Now he may be the only person capable of stopping the first wave of an interstellar war.

The Price of Hunger by Kevyn Winkless. A desperate chase through the woods leads to an occupied cabin. Has Fred Moose doomed everyone to be slaughtered by the wending outside?

Retrieving Abe by Jay Barnson. Lydia Madison is the daughter of a dragon hunter, and the second of three wives in a plural marriage in a tiny village in the Utah Territory. When her husband is abducted by a dragon, only Lydia can rescue him... even if it means trading her own life for his.

Protector of Newington by John M Olsen. A wealthy inventor has been secretly sponsoring do-gooders in steam-powered suits for years. When another of his heroes faces death, can he just stand by and watch a good man die?

Brave Day Sunk in Hideous Night by Julie Frost. Ben is a PI with PTSD who also just happens to be a werewolf. He is handed a repo job that seems too easy to be true. Of course things go awry and an accident flings him into a grim future. Will he be able to make it back to his wife and friends, or will he be doomed to die amongst total strangers?

Taking Control by Jon Del Arroz. What is a seasoned outlaw to do when she's too worn out to heist?

Some things Missing from Her Profile by David Skinner. His blind date was kidnapped by Martians. He had no idea why. But he wasn't about to let them keep her.

Dream Master by Gene Moyers. What strange power could cause wealthy men to suddenly give away their fortunes and commit suicide?

Under the Gun by David J. West. A young man with a possessed gun that can't miss collides with an aging gunslinger that can't be hit. Trouble and death can't be far behind.

Circus to Boulogne by Mike Adamson. A WWII pilot is shot down over enemy-held territory. Will he make it to safety, or will he spend the rest of the war in a POW camp?

All Made of Hinges

All Made of HingesTitle: All Made of Hinges
Short Story Title: The Pipes of Columbia
Series: Mormon Steampunk #1
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: November 2018
Authors: D. J. Butler, John M. Olsen, Steven L. Peck, Elizabeth Mueller, Scott E. Tarbet, Jay Barnson, Joe Monson, Amanda Hamblin, Christopher McAfee, Jace Killan, John D. Payne, Lee Allred
Editors: James Wymore
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Cheerful in the face of dark opposition. Innovative to improve a backward world. Industrial as a cure for oppressive conditions. Unyielding beneath all who seek to bind and control them. Faithful until they conquer the fear of death and rise to great acts of heroism and service. Mormons and Steampunks are two faces of the same coin.

Twelve authors spin tales of true believers facing impossible odds, risking this life in the hope of gaining something better after. Mormon Battalion soldiers fight an airship, a bounty hunter crosses Porter Rockwell, cultists attempt to reanimate Brigham Young, and missionaries run into Cthulhu. These are just a few of the amazing tales by award winning, bestselling, and premier authors--
D. J. Butler, John M. Olsen, Steven L. Peck, Elizabeth Mueller, Scott E. Tarbet, Jay Barnson, Joe Monson, Amanda Hamblin, Christopher McAfee, Jace Killan, John D. Payne, and Lee Allred.

All Made of Hinges is the first installment in the incredible four-part Mormon Steampunk series by Immortal Works Press. If you love these stories, look for more in Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel, Press Forward, Saints, and A Mighty Fortress.

The Pipes of Columbia: In the 1893 World's Fair, the Columbia Exposition, a strange set of organ pipes have been stolen. A former detective is commissioned by a woman from Salt Lake City to help find the stolen merchandise, only to discover that the pipes are capable of much more than simple music in the hands of a vengeful villain!

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Cirsova Winter 2016

Title: Cirsova Winter 2016
Short Story Title: The Priests of Shalaz
Series: Cirsova #1
Release Date: November 2016
Authors: Jay Barnson, Rob Lang, Joyce Frohn, Liana Kerzner, S H Mansouri, Christine Lucas, James Hutchings, Jeffrey Scott Sims, Edward M Erdelac, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, Lynn Rushlau, Jennifer Povey, Sean Monaghan, Preston Dennett, Howie K Bentley, Edward McDermott, Eugene L Morgulis, Harold R Thompson, Liana Kerzner
ISBN13: 978-1535406086
Buy the Book: Amazon

The Double-Stuffed Winter Issue of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, featuring:


  • The Vault of Phalos, by Jeffery Scott Sims
  • Shadow Visions, by Preston Dennett

Short Stories

  • The Lady of the Amorous City, by Edward M. Erdelac
  • A Suit of Haidrah Skin, by Rob Lang
  • ...Where There Is No Sanctuary, by Howie K. Bentley
  • The Last Dues Owed, by Christine Lucas
  • The Witch of Elrica, by Jennifer Povey
  • The Bubbcat, by Sean Monaghan
  • Wall Wardens, by Lynn Rushlau
  • Lost Men, by Eugene Morgulis
  • The Unfolding of the World, by Harold R. Thompson
  • The Sands of Rubal-Khali, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • The Priests of Shalaz, by Jay Barnson
  • Dust of Truth, by Joyce Frohn
  • The Ride, by Edward McDermott
  • My Name is John Carter (Pt.3), by James Hutchings
  • The Phantom Sands of Calavass, by S.H. Mansouri


  • The Feminine Force Awakens, by Liana Kerzner

The Priests of Shalaz: The Royal Navy discovers an island with a portal to seemingly primitive world, underestimating the forces that watch over the portal.

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Terra Mechanica

Title: Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology
Short Story Title: Dots, Dashes, and Deceit
Published by: Xchyler Publishing
Release Date: May 2014
Authors: Jay Barnson, Michael Cross, TC Phillips, Pete Ford, J R Potter,C R Simper, S D Simper, Scott E Tarbet, Rie Sheridan Rose
Editors: Terri Wagner
Buy the Book: Amazon

In an alternative past with an unrealized future, trek around the world and beyond in nine separate adventures, in the ships locomotives, and flying machines that power the Steampunk universe.

DOTS, DASHES, AND DECEIT by Jay Barnson: A telegraph operator finds herself displaced by advancing technology but discovers a genius inventor and a young savant with secrets too dangerous to ignore.

THE PROMISE by Michael Cross: In a world ravaged by the unspeakable horrors of war, one soldier moves heaven and earth to keep a promise to his son, and alters the lives of every stranger who helps him along the way.

THE VOYAGE OF VALERIE MCGRATH by Pete Ford: Sent on a desperate mission only she can fulfill, a dedicated researcher discovers the war her government wages against its own people, and the planet they rely upon for survival.

RIPPER BOUND by TC Phillips: With nothing but a brain implant and the force of his will, a talented bounty hunter returns far-flung criminals to justice, but what price will the technology ultimately demand of him?

DR. PAX’S GREAT UNSINKABLE BIRD by J.R. Potter: When a brilliant scientist falls prey to sky pirates who are after his flying machine, he must rely on his greatest achievement: a teenage girl whom he rescued from certain death.

SEVEN-YEAR ITCH by Rie Sheridan Rose: Toby Kincaid knew his clothes would grow filthy when he made a deal with the Devil, but he didn’t count on the wear to his spirit. He may win the wager but still lose his soul.

THE JOURNEY OF INSPECTOR ROUX by C. R. Simper: A legendary investigator goes down in flames and believes his life is over, until an eager young recruit drags him around the world in pursuit of a kidnapper.

PRIORITY PASSAGE by S. D. Simper: Marina will not allow the death of her father stand in the way of their dreams, but when her airship is boarded by sky pirates, she must decide what she values most: Nikita’s inventions or his daughter.

GANESH by Scott E. Tarbet: A farm boy abducted by a traveling-show huckster finds his calling as an airship pilot, never suspecting the transformative adventure awaiting him halfway around the world. An A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk expansion.

Mechanized Masterpieces 2

Title: Mechanized Masterpieces 2: An American Anthology
Short Story Title: The Van Tassel Legacy
Published by: Xchyler Publishing
Release Date: February 2015
Authors: Jay Barnson, M K Wiseman, M Irish Gardner, Scott W Taylor, Lee Jortner, J Aurel Guay, J R Potter, Megan Oliphant, Steve Talbot, Scott E Tarbet
Editors: Penny Freeman
Buy the Book: Amazon

Ride into the Wild West with ten steampunked expansions of classic American tales.

A Princess of Jasoom: An intrepid young researcher reaches for the stars from the Arizona desert, and finds love where she least expects it.

Winged Hope: The widow of a brilliant inventor fights insurmountable odds to see her husband’s dreams realized and save the life of her daughter.

The Van Tassel Legacy: A stranger arrives in Sleepy Hollow to unearth old conspiracies and bring the Van Brunts to justice.

Invested Charm: A mysterious woman doles out justice in Boston society, but who will catch her first: organized crime or the law?

Payoff for Air Pirate Pete: A pair of train-robbing outlaws bite off more than they can chew when they kidnap the son of a railroad bigwig.

Rise of the House of Usher: A mad scientist gains power over life and death at the cost of his family’s sanity, if not their very lives.

The Silver Scams: A fast-talking confidence man ensnares all of Holland in his scheme to eliminate dikes forever . . . for a price.

Nautilus Redux: Captain Nemo’s crew stumble upon an island castaway who claims to be Captain Ahab of the Pequod. Only Moby Dick knows the truth.

Mr. Thornton: Hounded by tragedy and betrayal, a gifted young blacksmith wanders from The Ohio to The Yukon searching for honor, loyalty, and justice.

West End: A heartbroken Theodore Laurence follows the siren song of steam to Jamaica, where love and law collide with explosive results.