Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and g… Oh, I mean, welcome to Jay Barnson’s author site!

I’m the author of the Blood Creek saga. I’ve been a video game developer, I’ve written modules for dice & paper RPGs, I currently work in the simulation industry working on simulators and with cool tech like Virtual Reality. By night, I write fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal fiction with a bit of a pulpy flavor.  I talk about all that and a lot more here, and invite you to join in the discussion.

Up above, you check out the blog, the list of “my books” which I wrote or edited, or “all books” which includes a bunch of anthologies featuring stories I have written. Yeah, I write a few short stories as well as novels. I love them both for different reasons. 

If you are here for games, then there’s my older indie gaming site.

Grab your sword or your raygun, hop aboard, and get ready for a wild ride!