Happy Halloween – and a sale

Blood Creek Witch and Haunted Yuletide are on sale from today until the 27th as part of my publisher’s Halloween sale.

Blood Creek Witch is the first book in the 4-book Blood Creek saga. So this is a great entry point. This book introduces the story of four main characters of the series: Jenny is a young woman taken in by family she’d never met, and discovers a legacy of witchcraft she would have never believed. Sean Williams searches the old towns of West Virginia for information on a mysterious girl he met in college–a girl who died long before he was born. “Lyin'” Jack wants to escape the tiny community where he never belonged, a community that never believed his story of the creature he had seen lurking in the woods. Jessabelle has lived her entire life in the same rural town, terrified that others might discover her secret–that she is actually a monster, a shape-changer.

Haunted Yuletide is an anthology my wife and I edited. Someone at my publisher had a bright idea inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas or the Victorian tradition of ghost stories around the holiday season, and Haunted Yuletide was born. They asked me if I would be interested in producing this anthology–but the one they actually wanted was my wife, a professional oral storyteller who specializes in ghost stories. We jumped at the chance, and I am very pleased with the results. The stories all center around the holiday season, and include supernatural or even horrific elements. But beyond that–there’s quite a variety of stories, from straight-up spine-chilling terror to broad comedy. Perfect reading from October through January… although it’s a great read all year round. 🙂

Anyway, now’s a great chance to pick up either book if you use the kindle app / reader.

Haunted Yuletide at Amazon

Blood Creek Witch at Amazon