Sidearm & Sorcery now out in paperback!

I haven’t received my author’s (paper) copy yet, but Sidearm & Sorcery is now out in paperback as well as digital. Sidearm & Sorcery is an anthology of paranormal stories where the MC is a plain ol’ normal human dealing with the supernatural. Editor Bryce Beattie wanted to get back to the roots of the genre on this one, and his preference for pulp-style action is in full display. I’m pretty familiar with several of the authors, and have shared a table of contents with them a time or two. I’m still reading the rest of the stories, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

My story, Flight Response, takes place in the 1970s. A helicopter pilot finds himself up against an old enemy with unexplained powers.

You can check it out here. The print version is currently only available from Amazon, but the digital version is available from several sites:

Books2Read: Sidearm & Sorcery