Terra Mechanica

Title: Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology
Short Story Title: Dots, Dashes, and Deceit
Published by: Xchyler Publishing
Release Date: May 2014
Authors: Jay Barnson, Michael Cross, TC Phillips, Pete Ford, J R Potter,C R Simper, S D Simper, Scott E Tarbet, Rie Sheridan Rose
Editors: Terri Wagner
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In an alternative past with an unrealized future, trek around the world and beyond in nine separate adventures, in the ships locomotives, and flying machines that power the Steampunk universe.

DOTS, DASHES, AND DECEIT by Jay Barnson: A telegraph operator finds herself displaced by advancing technology but discovers a genius inventor and a young savant with secrets too dangerous to ignore.

THE PROMISE by Michael Cross: In a world ravaged by the unspeakable horrors of war, one soldier moves heaven and earth to keep a promise to his son, and alters the lives of every stranger who helps him along the way.

THE VOYAGE OF VALERIE MCGRATH by Pete Ford: Sent on a desperate mission only she can fulfill, a dedicated researcher discovers the war her government wages against its own people, and the planet they rely upon for survival.

RIPPER BOUND by TC Phillips: With nothing but a brain implant and the force of his will, a talented bounty hunter returns far-flung criminals to justice, but what price will the technology ultimately demand of him?

DR. PAX’S GREAT UNSINKABLE BIRD by J.R. Potter: When a brilliant scientist falls prey to sky pirates who are after his flying machine, he must rely on his greatest achievement: a teenage girl whom he rescued from certain death.

SEVEN-YEAR ITCH by Rie Sheridan Rose: Toby Kincaid knew his clothes would grow filthy when he made a deal with the Devil, but he didn’t count on the wear to his spirit. He may win the wager but still lose his soul.

THE JOURNEY OF INSPECTOR ROUX by C. R. Simper: A legendary investigator goes down in flames and believes his life is over, until an eager young recruit drags him around the world in pursuit of a kidnapper.

PRIORITY PASSAGE by S. D. Simper: Marina will not allow the death of her father stand in the way of their dreams, but when her airship is boarded by sky pirates, she must decide what she values most: Nikita’s inventions or his daughter.

GANESH by Scott E. Tarbet: A farm boy abducted by a traveling-show huckster finds his calling as an airship pilot, never suspecting the transformative adventure awaiting him halfway around the world. An A Midsummer Night’s Steampunk expansion.

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