Fantastic Schools Volume III

Faltastic Schools Volume 3Title: Fantastic Schools Volume 3
Short Story Title: Summoned
Published by: Wisecraft Publishing
Release Date: May 2021
Authors: Jay Barnson, Emily Sorensen, Christopher Nuttall, Roger D. Strahan, Denton Salle, Karina Fabian, Frank B. Luke, George Phillies, Aaron Van Treeck, Becky R. Jones, Peter Rhodan, Rhys Hughs, J.F. Posthumus, Barb Caffey
Editors: L. Jagi Lamplighter
ASIN: B095T3C7S7
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Have you ever wanted to go to magic school? To cast spells and brew potions and fly on broomsticks and - perhaps - battle threats both common and supernatural? Come with us into worlds of magic, where students become magicians and teachers do everything in their power to ensure the kids survive long enough to graduate. Welcome to ... Fantastic Schools.

Follow the daughter of a witch who wants to learn white—not black—magic, a trio of students sent on a mysterious task, a kidnapped student trying to escape, a troll who wants to study among the humans, and a magic-less boy with a chance to learn magic, if he survives his first month at a magical university.

Follow us into worlds different, magical ...

... And very human.

Summoned: A new, boutique VR system with a custom game lets you enjoy a world where you are a student in a strange school for young wizards. The game and graphics usually aren't very realistic... until it is, and the characters in this world expect the player to do their bidding.

Blood Creek Witch

Title: Blood Creek Witch
Series: Blood Creek Saga #1
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: March 2018
Authors: Jay Barnson
Genre: ,
ASIN: B07B293JT9
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A monstrous evil rising from the mountains. A teen witch who doesn’t believe in magic. The fate of Blood Creek rests in her hands.

Jenny Morgan wants nothing more than to grow hometown roots and make a few friends. But when she comes home to find her house halfway packed for yet another mysterious move, her hopes are crushed. Cursed with a fitful sleep, Jenny's strange dreams spill into reality when she awakens to the news of her parent's unexpected death.

Grieving and lost, Jenny travels to West Virginia to live with an aunt she’s never met. There, she discovers an unbelievable family heritage of witchcraft and magic, and meets three friends with dark secrets all their own. As deadly horrors straight out of myth and folklore threaten her new life, Jenny becomes the only one who stands a chance of stopping the growing evil. But embracing her heritage will attract the attention of an even greater evil—the same un-killable creature her parents died to protect her from.

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Blood Creek Beast

Title: Blood Creek Beast
Series: Blood Creek Saga #2
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: March 2019
Authors: Jay Barnson
Genre: ,
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Jack needs to stop the darkness from reaching the crossroads. Jessabelle worries the darkness has already arrived.

Jack Parsons dreamed of escaping small town life, but now that he's discovered what's "just 'round the bend", he's trapped in another world entirely. While this mirror-image reality is more wondrous than Jack ever imagined, it's also laced with danger. The crossroads is under attack and it's up to Jack to protect it from the immortal Man in the White Suit.

On the other side of the crossroads, Jessabelle Rose runs for her life. The Coven plans to use her shape-shifting powers for their own dark ends. But Jessabelle can't run forever. Mysterious deaths deep in the Appalachian Mountains mean the darkness is moving closer, and Jessabelle will need to risk everything to protect her family.

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Blood Creek Phantom

Title: Blood Creek Phantom
Series: Blood Creek Saga #3
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: April 2020
Authors: Jay Barnson
Genre: ,
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Two armies—one living, one dead—march for the Crossroads. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.

Ghostly dead are rising in Maple Bend, and Sean Williams is witness to it all. Fighting to save Maple Bend becomes complicated when the vengeful spirit of a serial killer sets his focus on Sean. If he is going to succeed, Sean must put the dead to rest—but doing so may cost him the girl of his haunting dreams.

Living "round the bend" in self-imposed exile, Jenny Morgan still doesn't have the experience she needs to fight against the Man in the White Suit. But his daunting army approaches, ready to crush the protectors of the Crossroads. Will Jenny's powers be the last line of defense against the darkness, or the key to its victory?

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Blood Creek Devil

Title: Blood Creek Devil
Series: Blood Creek Saga #4
Published by: Immortal Works
Release Date: April 2021
Authors: Jay Barnson
Genre: ,
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A centuries-old plan. A final battle. The fate of the Crossroads will be decided.

Jenny, Jack, Sean, and Jessabelle have battled for too long on both sides of the Crossroads. Their seemingly invincible enemy, The Man in the White Suit, will stop at nothing until he dominates both Earth and Around the Bend. But when Jenny and her companions delve into ancient mysteries, they discover secrets lost to the Wardens. If they are to defeat the dangerous Coven, they'll have to travel to the brutal void between worlds.

But the void demands unimaginable sacrifices.

The final battle against the Man in the White Suit and his forces is joined in Blood Creek Devil, the fourth and final chapter of the Blood Creek saga.

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Cirsova Summer 2020

Title: Cirsova Summer 2020
Short Story Title: Bad Luck Charm
Series: Cirsova #3
Release Date: August 2020
Authors: Jay Barnson, Liviu Surugiu, Caroline Furlong, Brian M Milton, Dan Wolfgang, William Huggins, Darren Goossens
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Battle Beyond the Continuum
Rex Funnel and Paul Aglet have travelled across time and space, testing their new continuon flux drive—and found themselves in the midst of a planetary conflict!

The Meeting
[translation by RALUCA BALASA]
Two star-crossed lovers, doomed by their strange malady to never meet, must share their thoughts and feelings by the letters they hide within their asylum chambers!

Short Stories

Ascension Star
Free trader Remi Gavilan’s world is turned upside down when he crosses paths with a pleasure girl…the same day the Jinlintan royal family is systematically murdered!

Why Did You Leave Your Last Employer?
George may have found his dream job—keeping bees for the eccentric Dr. Rotstein! But what is the aim of the doctor’s experiments? Why does the honey taste strange?!

A Judgment of Lestrel
Penne has spent his Re-Gen-enhanced lives going on one bender after another—his last chance to break the cycle may be the incomparable world of Lestrel!

Henry and the Prince of Cats
A strange incident has left his master dead! With his newfound intelligence, Henry, a Scottish Terrier, sets out to solve the mystery of what happened to all the humans!

Bad Luck Charm
Larry Colton has had quite the run of luck! He’s got a good job and a new girlfriend he thinks is out of his league…Things are great, aside from a few strange nightmares!

Death’s Shadow
Iraq War vet Matt Barnaby has been blessed—and cursed—by the ability to see the shadow of death, hanging about the auras of those around him!

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Storyhack Issue 3

Title: Storyhack Issue 3
Short Story Title: Shoot First
Published by: Baby Katie Media
Release Date: October 2018
Authors: Jay Barnson, Paul R. McNamee, Luke Foster, JD Cowan, Joanna Maciejewska, Jason J. McCuiston, Aaron Zimmerman, Jon Mollison
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  • Claws of the Puma by Paul R. McNamee - In the rainforests of Brazil, poaching loggers and traditional rubber tree tappers are at war. Journalist Sarah Stoughton gets more than she bargained for when she is caught up in the violence, and comes face to face with the legendary man of the jungle, the Puma.
  • Shoot First by Jay Barnson - Flint and another agent are assigned to confiscate a dangerous cursed magical artifact from a street gang, only to find that the entire operation was a set-up by a local crime boss and an analyst from within the Order.
  • Inside the Demon's Eye by JD Cowan - A young adventurer searches the Black Lands for a lifesaving treasure. He may not get the chance to find it, as he is being stalked by a malevolent force.
  • Get to the River by Luke Foster - A park ranger plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with a gang of killers on the scorching hot floor of the Grand Canyon in July.
  • Scourges, Spells, and Serenades by Joanna Maciejewska - An archanist must work alongside a high mage to find her missing cousin. The trail leads them to the arena of a secret demon cult, where their skill will be put to a deadly test.
  • Showdown at Stone Ridge by Jason J. McCuiston -
  • by - A military deserter is spared the noose if he will travel to the mining town of Stone Ridge and stop the desperados. What he finds in Stone Ridge is not bandits, but a land baron with an army, led by a Djinn. How can he possibly stand against such paramilitary might and magic?
  • Master of Thieves by Aaron Zimmerman - For years Alex has admiringly followed the exploits of the two greatest thieves of her generation. Tonight, she wants to settle the question once and for all: who is the greatest thief of all?
  • The Dealer's Tale by Jon Mollison - A pregnant blackjack dealer walks a deadly line as she prepares to betray her mafia-owned boss to the feds.

Storyhack Issue 0

Title: Storyhack Issue 0
Short Story Title: Dead Last
Published by: Baby Katie Media
Release Date: May 2017
Authors: Jay Barnson, Steve Dubois, David Boop, Alexandru Constantin, Julie Frost, David J. West, Jon Mollison, Keith West, Shannon Connor Winward
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“A Tiger in the Garden” by Alexandru Constantin- A disgraced and exiled noble, stripped of his status, spends his days drinking and whoring in the exotic jungle colonies. When pressed to pay his debts he gets entangled in a deadly plot involving deceit, murder, and the dark magic of the deep jungle.

“The Monster Without” by Julie Frost- A werewolf private eye with serious save-the-damsel issues is on the hunt for the killer of a teenage girl. When a woman hires him to protect her from her abusive boyfriend, the cases collide in a way that may cost him his sanity-if not his life.

“Hal Turk and the Lost City of the Maya” by David Boop- A Texan bounty hunter has chased a criminal through Mexico and into Guatemala. Can he survive when he and his quarry fall captive to a bloodthirsty, long-forgotton ancient civilization?

“King of Spades” by David J. West - What happens when the dead come back to haunt us? General Joab has to find a way to free his king from the rising specter of a long thought dead Goliath.

“Desert Hunt” by Jon Mollison - The first steps in Karl Barber’s hunt for the leaders of a human trafficking ring land him in the ancient city of Cairo. His investigation takes an unexpected turn when the fate of a single girl compels him to strike before he’s ready.

“The Chronicle of the Dark Nimbus” by Keith West -
A cursed prince, is living in exile with his squire until the curse can be broken. They have been sent by their royal sorcerer to protect a thaumaturgist from assassination.

“Menagerie” by Steve Dubois - In the Victorian era, a teenage countess and her motley band encounter a plot to restore the Confederate States of America.

“Daughter of Heaven” by Shannon Connor Winward- A dealer of ancient artifacts flies to Mars to identify a particularly interesting piece. Can he survive when he triggers the fulfillment of a world-destroying prophecy?

“Dead Last” by Jay Barnson - A junior-level agent for a modern-day magical cabal on embarks on his first field assignment. When a necromancer turns his contacts into gun-toting zombies, he must use every bit of his wits, talents, and sometimes inappropriate sense of humor to survive.