New Book Series Announcement: The Vanished

Sometimes people vanish. Sometimes their disappearance leaves no trace, an unsolved mystery with no evidence of foul play, and no rational explanation. Sometimes these people reappear… elsewhere.

Aiden Holt, a recent college graduate with a degree in computer science, just became one of those people. He awakens in an abandoned tower in an unfamiliar land, unable to recall how he arrived in this strange place. He soon finds himself on the run, pursued by an army that seeks to enslave “Heroes from Earth” for the magical power they possess.

Unfortunately for Aiden, whatever magical powers he was supposed to arrive with seem to be malfunctioning and incomprehensible. Likewise, his high-tech skills and education aren’t much use in a world that hasn’t invented electronics, either.

Trapped in a deadly world of magic and monsters, hunted for supernatural gifts he doesn’t understand, Aiden must rely on cunning and allies to survive, escape, and unlock the long-buried secrets of why he and others have been taken from Earth.

This is the premise of my new book series, The Vanished.

A little over a year ago, I woke up one fine morning with an idea I couldn’t get out of my head. I was busy with another writing project that was giving me some trouble and didn’t have time for this, so I figured I’d just whip out a first chapter and some details about the world and characters so I could safely put it on my back-burner for potential future projects. Normally I can do this, and my subconscious leaves me alone after that. Well… not so much this time. One chapter led to two, and it kept snowballing. All I can do is acknowledge that this story wanted to be told.

I love stories of people from the modern world dealing with magic and fantastic other worlds. This one has a very different flavor from Blood Creek, however. It has a different feel from many other isekai / portal fantasies that I love, too. The infrequent arrival of powerful individuals from Earth over the centuries has had an impact on this fantasy world culture and politics, and it’s been as fun to explore this as to explore the magic system and the mysteries of the world. Of course, it’s me, so there’s an emphasis on action and adventure throughout.

The first book of the series, Queen of Monsters, will go on sale in July. I’ll be posting updates, excerpts, and new information primarily here and on my newsletter (see the little email entry form in the corner? That’s it.).



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