Altered States II

Title: Altered States II - A Cyberpunk Sci-Fi Anthology
Short Story Title: Doubleblind
Published by: Indie Authors Press
Release Date: December 2016
Authors: Jay Barnson, Isaac L Wheeler, William F Wu, CC Aune, Sam S Kepfield, Pedro Iniguez, R M Harper, Frank Roger, Erin Lale, Patrick Loveland, Tom Borthwick, Chris Reynolds, Thomas Olges, Gary B Phillips, Mathew X Gomez, Roy C Booth, Tanja Cilla, DJ Tyrer, Jorge Salgado-Reyes
Editors: Roy C Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes
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Altered States II doesn't just have cyberpunk in it! Cyberpunk seeps from its pores. Cyberpunk forms its building blocks like DNA forms ours.

Stories by upcoming and established authors, curated by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes. Introduction by Isaac L. Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief of Neon Dystopia.

Davi Leiko Till Midnight
Expiration Date
Droids Don’t Cry
Twenty Percent
The Patch
In The Beginning Was The Microchip
Silencing The Machine
Hermit Crab
Speak Now
The Devil’s Hat
When The Worm Turns
Electric Love
The Smoke in Death’s Eye

Doubleblind - Failing to follow the end-user agreement in the beta test of new brain augmentation hardware can have deadly consequences.

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