Sorcerer of the Ancient Depths

Sorcerer of the Ancient DepthsTitle: Sorcerer of the Ancient Depths
Series: The Vanished #2
Published by: Rampant Publishing
Release Date: December 2022
Genre: ,
ISBN13: 9798367012408
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Danger surrounds them on all sides, but a more sinister threat may lurk below.

Hunted by the nation they were once forced to serve, Aiden and his companions are driven deep into the Frontier, an ancient land filled with vicious monsters and deadly secrets. With supplies dwindling and enemy patrols drawing near, Aiden leads an expedition through the heart of the Frontier to find a safety for his people. And, he hopes, a place that he might finally call home in this strange world so different from Earth.

What he finds may become his tomb.

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